Conference Program

Wednesday, February 6

Meeting in The Three Barista, Shaheed Park, at 6 pm


Thursday, February 7

The whole conference, except the last day, takes place in the Conference Center of GUST (W6-200).

A philosophy day exhibition can be admired in the same hall.


9h00: Registration starts in W6

10h00: Welcome speech by Prof. Ali Ansari, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Acting Vice President of GUST.


Plenary Session I


Elisabeth S. Kassab (Doha): “Abdelkebir el Khatibi against Unity”





Session 1: 13h00-15h30

Cosmos and Unity

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein (GUST): “The Return of Organic Unity in Contemporary Philosophy”

Andrei Zavaliy (AUK): “The Search for the Original Unity by the Early Greek Cosmologists: The Case of Anaxagoras”

Macro Zuccato (GUST): “Philosophy and Cosmology in Ninth to Twelfth Century Islam”


Coffee break around: 14h30


Evert Zweerde (Radbout U): “Limits of Metaphor – Vladimir Soloyov’s Organic Conception of Society and State in Comparative Perspective”

Hannes Schumacher (Humboldt U): “Pluralism = Monism: A Study of Deleuzian Dialectics”


Excursion to the Tareq Rajab Museum

Bus leaves at 15h30 from GUST!



Friday, February 8


Plenary Session II:


M.A.R. Habib (GUST/Rutgers): “Hegel and the Divine Unity in Islam”


Coffee break: 10h30-10h45


Session 2: 10h45-16h15

Continental/Comparative Philosophy

Dagmar Dotting (Vienna U): “Nothingness (mu 無) as a Place (basho 場所) of Nishida’s Pure Experience in his Process of Self-Imagination”

Ralf Müller (Hildesheim U): “The Becoming of Form and the Formlessness of Form: On Ernst Cassirer’s and Nishida Kitarō’s Concepts of “Organic Unity.”

Nicholas Mowad (Chandler-Gilbert Com. Col.): “Hegel on Unity and Cultural Particularity”





Plenary Session III:


Arianne Conty (AUS): “The Unity of the Anthropocene”


Coffee break: 14h30-14h45


Session 3: 14h45-16h30

Unity and Totality

Ekram Kofiah (U North Dakota): “Exploring the Relationship Between our Bodies and the Environment”

Jean-Etienne Joullié (GUST): “Unity on Management Studies”

Kathleen Marshall Park (Boston University), Frederick H. Wallace (GUST): “Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility When Firms Globalize”

Martha Tryzna (GUST): “Language as a Tool for Totalitarian Control: A Sociolonguistic Perspetive”


Saturday, February 9

Arab Philosophy

Session 4: 9h15-11h15

Room: W1-010

Salah Addine Arkadan (GUST): “Tawhid of Allah and the Unity of People”

Gavin Wilson (GUST): “Immediacy and (dis)unity out of the later life of Abduh: The shifting focus of the filmic ECU”

Catarina Belo (AUC Cairo): “The Arguments for God’s Oneness and Unity in Alfarabi’s The Virtuous City

Francesco Omar Zamboni (Pisa U): “Avicenna on Unity, Substantiality and Wholeness”


Coffee break: 11h15-11h30


Plenary Session IV


Michael J. Sauter: “The Spatial Reformation, 1350-1850.”


End of conference



Meeting in Souk Mubarak at 6h30